Micro Reels

My favorite bits of traditionnaly animated work, although all of that is very much digital. I always loved this technique and the freedom it allows for. It’s raw and expressive. The process of creating/tweaking brushes to get the effects you want has always been a favorite part of mine.

Music By Hocus Pocus – Pièce N°6 (Dj Atom)

Shots of life and things I want to put out there. A lot of other projects didn’t end up here as I kind of wanted to change where I’m going and what I’m doing in terms of video. So this feels a little raw. But I enjoy it.

Music was done by Laura Gerhaüsser as an original piece.

My more vector and After Effects related work. Some of the bigger illustrations (the ones coming around the end) were made by Manon Godet during collaborative projects as part of our Duo : M+R.

Music is by Byetone – Plastic Star.