Sahara – Europa (UNOFFICIAL)

The unfinished music-video by Fantômes

After a year and half of back and forth, many complete rewords of the script, many let downs due to lack of means… it was getting obvious that we would have to let go of this production. But after working so long on it, we decided to give one last chance to the project and decided we would just go and shoot stuff for a couple days, along with dancer and longboarder Giulia Alfeo.
Although we eventually weren’t in agreement with the final result, this project is still dear to us and might still bear some other fruits. What you see here is the second edit that was presented to the band, before any color grading could be done…

FANTÔMES is composed of brothers Hugo and Rodolphe Jouxtel. They direct music related projects as well as more personnal and conceptual projects that they hold dear. Their goal is creative freedom.

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